Introducing Castgrabber
CastGrabber, LLC developed a special technology/device that allows you to download your favorite podcasts directly onto your favorite iPod/MP3 player*, anywhere in the world, without being tethered to a PC. All you need is a network and CastGrabber does the rest.

CastGrabber gives you freedom to retrieve your podcasts without using your PC. Nothing can be simpler than using CastGrabber: just plug the CastGrabber into the network, connect the USB cable that came with your iPod/MP3 player, open an account on the CastGrabber site, and choose your podcasts. CastGrabber will automatically download available content anytime. If you keep your iPod/MP3 player connected to CastGrabber, it will continue checking for new podcasts every hour.

What is a podcast?
A podcast is a free multimedia file (audio, music, or video) distributed over the Internet in syndicated format (using syndicated feeds), for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. One subscribes to a podcast through a web site, Apple iTunes application, or third party software. Topics are extremely diverse from major commercial radio shows, cooking, language classes, politics, college lectures, religion, etc. Most regular podcasters have new files available for download weekly. In 2007, reliable source indicate that 1.2 billion Podcast downloads took place.
How do I access this enormous amount of content and how do I save it?
CastGrabber is a simple to operate device that automatically downloads your favorite podcasts directly to your iPod/MP3 player* without a PC. The CastGrabber will also charge your iPod/MP3 player. CastGrabber works with most iPods/MP3 players*. CastGrabber will charge any iPod/MP3 player that receives power via the USB. Any CastGrabber can load Podcasts on to any configured iPod/MP3 player*. You can load podcasts to your iPod/MP3 player on any CastGrabber and any CastGrabber can download to any configured iPod/MP3 player*.
How does CastGrabber function and how do you set it up?
CastGrabber is an intelligent device that downloads podcasts automatically to an iPod/MP3 player without the use of a computer, charges the iPod/MP3 player battery, and synchronizes with any PC media library on the home network. All you need to do is to plug the CastGrabber into any network and it automatically downloads podcasts of interest into your iPod/MP3 player. In just a few minutes, you are up and running.

CastGrabber is easy to set up. No technical ability is required. You simply connect the power and plug into your home rounter. If you can operate iTunes or an Internet browser, you already know everything you need to use your CastGrabber.

There are two ways to select podcasts, through iTunes software (for iPods) or via the Internet using your browser (non-iPod players).

* Does not work with PSP, iPod touch, iPhone, Zune, Macintosh OSX or Macintosh formatted iPods. See Support for details.